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Blue Star Dental is a renowned name in Queensland. Offering a range of comprehensive dental services, we are the preferred choice of many families in Meadowbrook. We make use of the latest technology and updated dentistry techniques to provide the best dental health care service to you. No matter what dental problem you come to us with, we are well-prepared to treat it.

Hear From Some of Our Dental Patients

Heather S.

Isabella was fantastic and very caring. She offered excellent advice on how to better look after my teeth. I would highly recommend, Thank you Blue Star - Five Star!!

Heather S.

Bernadette D.

The staff are super friendly and everything is very well explained. DR Michael is brilliant, fast and will tell you exactly what you do or don't need!

Bernadette D.

T Lloyd

We love the staff and dental team at Blue Star. They look after our family really well and we wouldn't go anywhere else.

T Lloyd

Our Team

At Blue Star Dental, we have a team of experienced oral health therapists who work to help you achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums. Our therapists recommend you visit the clinic for routine check-up and examination of the condition of your teeth. You can expect thorough cleaning of your teeth during these visits.

We also have a supportive front office and back office team that is dedicated to assisting your concerns.

When you visit our dental clinic in Meadowbrook, you can expect to receive the following treatments:


Dental crowns are a modern solution for fixing broken, damaged or cracked teeth. Made of porcelain, crowns resemble the natural look of your teeth and hence are considered to be the ideal solution for replacing unpleasant teeth.

The dental experts at Blue Star Dental have the experience and knowledge to create and fit dental crowns for your teeth, thus making it convenient for you to restore the look of your smile. In just two visits, you can expect to achieve a beautiful smile with dental crowns.


Dental implants are the ideal solution for replacing your missing teeth. They are an advanced and reliable treatment that can restore your attractive smile conveniently.

When you visit our clinic with missing tooth or teeth, our qualified team can explain the entire implant procedure in detail. If you’re happy with the process, our team can then begin the work of replacing your missing tooth roots with titanium posts that can hold implants on them.

General Dentistry Meadowbrook

We also provide general dentistry services to diagnose, manage and treat your oral health condition. You can count on us for your routine dental check-ups, teeth cleaning, root canals, fillings, veneers and more.

Teeth Whitening Meadowbrook

Teeth whitening treatments give you whiter and brighter teeth in minutes. We offer two types of treatment – in-chair and take-home teeth whitening – for you to choose from. If you choose our in-chair teeth whitening treatment, you can expect the application of fast-acting whitening gels under the guidance of our Meadowbrook dental experts. Whereas, if you opt for take-home teeth whitening treatment, you can expect to receive safe, customised whitening trays for self-treatment. No matter which treatment you choose for yourself, you can expect to receive great results without fail.

Contact Us For Your Meadowbrook Dental Needs

The dental experts at Blue Star Dental can diagnose and treat any dental problem. So, if you want to be confident about your oral health, get in touch with our oral health therapists today. Call us on (07) 3801 3499.


Invasive dental procedures may not give the intended results due to the various complexities associated with them. We request to get a second opinion from an independent healthcare practitioner before deciding on the procedure.