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Blue Star Dental can help you maintain your oral health, including your gums, teeth, and other oral soft tissues. By conducting a thorough examination of your oral health condition, we can diagnose any underlying issues and help you achieve the dental results you’ve been dreaming of.

Hear From Some of Our Dental Patients

Heather S.

Isabella was fantastic and very caring. She offered excellent advice on how to better look after my teeth. I would highly recommend, Thank you Blue Star - Five Star!!

Heather S.

Bernadette D.

The staff are super friendly and everything is very well explained. DR Michael is brilliant, fast and will tell you exactly what you do or don't need!

Bernadette D.

T Lloyd

We love the staff and dental team at Blue Star. They look after our family really well and we wouldn't go anywhere else.

T Lloyd

Get To Our Team

At our Slacks Creek dental clinic, we have an experienced and dedicated team of expert dentists, oral health therapists, and front and back-office experts who strive to provide you with exceptional customer service. Come and meet our team to see what makes us different from the rest.

At Blue Star Dental, we have four oral health therapists who are focused on helping you to achieve and maintain healthy gums. Our usual recommendation is that our patients visit an oral health therapist twice a year (every 6 months) for a 40 – 60-minute appointment.

During this appointment, our therapists will perform a thorough scale and clean to remove any plaque and tartar build-up to help keep your gums fresh and healthy. Our oral health therapists are committed to providing quality customer service and treatment to all.

Emergency Dentistry Slacks Creek

We understand that dental issues can occur at any time. It can be extremely painful and unpleasant, and you may need immediate help. Our emergency dentist appointments enable you to visit us the same day.

We’re available to offer you a quality emergency treatment whenever you need us.

Cosmetic Dentistry Slacks Creek

Whether you want to improve the colour and shape of your teeth or need to protect your healthy smile, cosmetic dentistry may be an ideal solution. If you are struggling with cracked, damaged or decaying teeth, you can trust our cosmetic dentists with a procedure that can restore the appearance of your teeth.

Preventive Dentistry

A routine check-up every 6-12 months allows us to monitor your oral health and check your mouth for signs of any weakened teeth enamel, or even the formation of cavities or gum diseases.

Getting routine check-ups will help us thoroughly assess your mouth for any underlying dental issues and help you take early preventative measures to enforce good oral hygiene habits. By incorporating therapeutic and prevention strategies at an early stage, we can help you avoid expansive and complicated treatments later on.

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Invasive dental procedures may not give the intended results due to the various complexities associated with them. We request to get a second opinion from an independent healthcare practitioner before deciding on the procedure.