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Dental emergencies can occur at any time - day or night and often without warning!

How soon should I see a dentist?

Most injuries to the mouth area should be treated by a dentist as soon as possible. Visiting a dental professional within 30 minutes can be the difference in saving or losing a tooth.

How can you prevent a dental emergency?

By following a few simple precautions, you can help prevent certain injuries to the teeth and mouth. When playing sport or partaking in recreational activities, always wear a custom-made mouthguard that is designed and fitted by a dentist, also focus on wellbeing and maintaining a healthy diet.

Dental Emergency care at home

  • Take over the counter pain medication
  • Softly rinse your mouth with salt water or milk
  • Gently hold an ice pack to the affected area
  • Avoid eating hard foods, instead opt for liquids or soft solids

How do I get in contact for an emergency dental appointment?

Your health and care are our top priority at Blue Star Dental, and we will always do our absolute best to accommodate your needs and ensure you’re comfortable throughout your emergency dental appointment. We do keep a flexible schedule to be of service for your dental emergency!